Thermal decomposition of Ln(CHCO)·HO (Ln = Ho, Er, Tm and Yb)

Grivel, J.-C.
July 2012
Journal of Thermal Analysis & Calorimetry;Jul2012, Vol. 109 Issue 1, p81
Academic Journal
The thermal decomposition of Ho(III), Er(III), Tm(III) and Yb(III) propionate monohydrates in argon was studied by means of thermogravimetry (TG), differential thermal analysis (DTA), IR-spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction (XRD). Dehydration takes place around 90 °C. It is followed by the decomposition of the anhydrous propionates to LnOCO (Ln = Ho, Er, Tm or Yb) with the evolution of CO and 3-pentanone (CHCOCH) between 300 and 400 °C. The further decomposition of LnOCO to the respective sesquioxides LnO is characterized by an intermediate plateau extending from approximately 500-700 °C in the TG traces. This stage corresponds to an overall composition of LnO(CO) but is more probably a mixture of LnOCO and LnO. The stability of this intermediate state decreases for the lighter rare-earth (RE) compounds studied. Full conversion to LnO is achieved at about 1,100 °C. The overall thermal decomposition behaviour of the title compounds is similar to that previously reported for Lu(CHCO)·HO.


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