Direct infrared and visible absorption spectroscopy of stoichiometric and nonstoichiometric clusters of indium phosphide

Rinnen, K.-D.; Kolenbrander, K. D.; DeSantolo, A. M.; Mandich, M. L.
March 1992
Journal of Chemical Physics;3/15/1992, Vol. 96 Issue 6, p4088
Academic Journal
Resonant two-color and one-color photodissociation spectroscopy is performed on neutral InxPy clusters with x+y=5 to 14 atoms. Absorption spectra of 29 different InxPy clusters are obtained for excitation energies between 0.84 and 1.84 eV. The absorption behavior is qualitatively similar for all of these clusters. An optical-gap-like absorption feature is observed at the blue end of the spectra, particularly for clusters which contain an even number of atoms. This feature shifts as a function of cluster size, but has an onset close to the band gap of bulk crystalline InP. Weaker absorptions are observed tailing to the red. A distinct absorption peak is also observed near the bulk InP band band gap for odd-numbered clusters with a stoichiometry of Inx+3Px. An empirical fitting of the low energy absorption tails reveals a correlation between the optical behaviors of these tiny clusters and amorphous semiconductors.


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