Hyperfine structure and lifetime of the C 2Σ+, v=0 state of CH

Ubachs, Wim; Meyer, Gerard; ter Meulen, J. J.; Dymanus, A.
March 1986
Journal of Chemical Physics;3/15/1986, Vol. 84 Issue 6, p3032
Academic Journal
From a laser induced fluorescence (LIF) experiment on a molecular beam of CH, we have obtained the b and c hyperfine constants, the γ and γD spin-rotation constants as well as accurate values for the rotational constants B, D, and H for the C 2Σ+, v=0 state. From measurements of the linewidths, that are partially caused by predissociation, and by comparing relative line intensities, we determined different lifetimes for upper (F1) and lower (F2) ρ-doublet states of the C 2Σ+ state. For the F1 states we find a constant lifetime of 3.7±1.0 ns, that is independent of N, while for the F2 states we observed an increase in lifetime for higher N up to 8.0±1.5 ns for N=11.


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