Water’s character from dielectric relaxation above its Tg

Johari, G. P.
October 1996
Journal of Chemical Physics;10/22/1996, Vol. 105 Issue 16, p7079
Academic Journal
To determine the merits of the conjecture for a distinct phase of liquid water below 160 K, and of its computer simulation [Nature 380, 328 (1996)], the dielectric relaxation times of pure bulk water and pure water sequestered in the pores of various polymer matrices are examined. The new data combined with the literature values show that the molecular kinetics of pure water at 273 K is connected by a continuous path with that of sequestered water at 160 K and below. This finding seems to remove the basis for the conjecture of a distinct phase of water in the 136–160 K range, and for its phase transformation to normal water in the 160–230 K range. © 1996 American Institute of Physics.


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