Free jet infrared spectroscopy of (28SiF4)2 in the 10 μm region

Urban, R.-D.; Takami, M.
February 1995
Journal of Chemical Physics;2/22/1995, Vol. 102 Issue 8, p3017
Academic Journal
The rotation–vibration spectra of 28SiF4 dimer have been studied near the ν3 band of monomer 28SiF4. A well-resolved parallel band has been observed 17.5 cm-1 below the monomer band origin. Two perpendicular bands, separated by 2.0 cm-1 and located 4.3 cm-1 above the origin for the lower component, show equidistant Q-branch peaks as only resolved lines. The observed band structure indicates that the threefold degeneracy of the vibrational motions in SiF4 is all removed. A C2h structure with a pair of SiF bonds in an antiparallel position is proposed. © 1995 American Institute of Physics.


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