Cellular mechanism underlying the facilitation of contractile response of vas deferens smooth muscle by sodium orthovanadate

Zhao, Lei; Wang, Zhe; Ruan, Ye-Chun; Zhou, Wen-Liang
July 2012
Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry;Jul2012, Vol. 366 Issue 1/2, p149
Academic Journal
In the earlier study, sodium orthovanadate (SOV) has been reported to be a powerful inhibitor of (Na, K) adenosine triphosphatase, exhibit widespread actions on the renal and cardiovascular systems, induces smooth muscle contraction by inhibiting the phosphorylation of the protein tyrosine phosphatases. In the current study, we aimed to investigate the cellular mechanisms by which SOV facilitated contractile response of vas deferens smooth muscle and its potential therapeutic advantage. Exogenous application of ATP and NA-caused contraction was strengthened by pretreatment with SOV. This facilitation was inhibited not by bath with the inhibitor of P2 receptor, PPADS, or the inhibitor of α1 receptor, Prazosin, but by bath with the protein tyrosine kinase inhibitor, Genistein. SOV induced a sustained increase in intracellular Ca of smooth muscle cells, which was abolished by 100 μM Genistein or Ca-free solution. The facilitation of SOV could also be inhibited by the selective inhibitors of TRP channel, 2-APB and non-selective cation channel, Gd, Ni. The in vivo study showed that peritoneal injection of SOV in dystrophic mice (mdx mice) enhanced the contraction of vas deferens smooth muscle stimulated by electrical field stimulation, ATP, noradrenaline, or KCl. The above results suggest that SOV facilitates the concentration of vas deferens smooth muscle through the tyrosine phosphorylation activated the non-selective cation channels, which has potential use in the therapy for muscle dysfunction.


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