Lower bounds of the size multipartite Ramsey numbers mj(Pn,Kj×b)

Sy, Syafrizal; Baskoro, Edy Tri
May 2012
AIP Conference Proceedings;5/22/2012, Vol. 1450 Issue 1, p259
Academic Journal
For given two graphs G1 and G2, the size Ramsey multipartite numbers mj(G1,G2) is the smallest integer t such that every factorization of graph Kj×t := F1 + F2 satisfies the following condition: either F1 contains G1 as a subgraph or F2 contains G2 as a subgraph. In this paper, we derive some lower bound for the size multipartite Ramsey numbers mj(Pn,Kj×b) with integers j,n ≥ 3 and b ≥ 2.


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