Recent Advances and Potential Pharmacological Activities of Benzimidazole Derivatives

Srikanth, L.; Raj, V. Varun; Raghunandan, N.; Venkateshwerlu, L.
April 2011
Der Pharma Chemica;2011, Vol. 3 Issue 2, p172
Academic Journal
Benzimidazoles display a broad spectrum of potential pharmacological activities and are present in a number of pharmacologically active molecules such as Albendazole/ Mebendazole/ Thiabendazole (antihelmentic), Omeprazole (anti-ulcer). These compounds carrying different substituents in the benzimidazole structure are associated with a wide range of biological activities. Changes in their structure have offered a high degree of diversity that has proven useful for the development of new therapeutic agents having improved potency and lesser toxicity. In this context, the recently synthesized 2-Substituted benzimidazole derivatives possessing important pharmacological activities have been highlighted.


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