Synthesis and structural study of new potassium uranyl selenates K(HO)(HO)[(UO)(SeO)(HO)](HO) and K(HO)[(UO)(SeO)(HO)](HO)

Gurzhiy, V.; Tyumentseva, O.; Krivovichev, S.; Tananaev, I.; Myasoedov, B.
December 2011
Radiochemistry;Dec2011, Vol. 53 Issue 6, p569
Academic Journal
Single crystals of new uranyl selenates K(HO)(HO)[(UO)(SeO)(HO)](HO) ( 1) and K(HO)[(UO)(SeO)(HO)](HO) ( 2) were prepared by isothermal evaporation at room temperature. The crystal structure of 1 was solved by the direct method [ C2/ c, a = 17.879(5), b = 8.152(5), c = 17.872(5) Å, β = 96.943(5)°, V = 2585.7(19) Å, Z = 4] and refined to R = 0.0449 ( wR = 0.0952) for 2600 reflections with | F| ≥ 4σ. The structure of 2 was solved by the direct method [ P2/ c, a = 17.8377(5), b = 8.1478(5), c = 23.696(1) Å, β = 131.622(2)°, V = 2574.5(2) Å, Z = 4] and refined to R = 0.0516 ( wR = 0.1233) for 4075 reflections with | F| ≥ 4σ. The structures of 1 and 2 are based on [(UO)(SeO)(HO)] layers. The charge of the inorganic layer is compensated by potassium and oxonium ions arranged in the interlayer space. Each K ion is surrounded by seven O atoms belonging to uranyl selenate layers and water molecules, so that it binds with each other the adjacent uranyl selenate structural elements.


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