Efficient Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Ionic Esterified Amino Acids

Cerón-Camacho, Ricardo; Aburto, Jorge; Montiel, Luisa E.; Flores, Eugenio A.; Cuellar, Frisia; Martínez-Palou, Rafael
October 2011
Molecules;Oct2011, Vol. 16 Issue 10, p8733
Academic Journal
In this work, an efficient microwave-assisted methodology for the esterification of unprotected α-amino acids is described. Ionic esterified amino acids were synthesized in satisfactory yields in a facile one-pot solventless protocol from unprotected amino acids and alcohols under acid catalysis (MsOH or p-TsOH) to afford the pure products after a simple work-up procedure. This procedure can also be extended to the preparation of long and short chain alkyl and benzyl esters.


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