Ion-acoustic solitary waves in ultra-relativistic degenerate pair-ion plasmas

Rasheed, A.; Tsintsadze, N. L.; Murtaza, G.
November 2011
Physics of Plasmas;Nov2011, Vol. 18 Issue 11, p112701
Academic Journal
The arbitrary and the small amplitude ion-acoustic solitary waves (IASWs) have been studied. The former is studied by using the Sagdeev pseudo-potential approach in a plasma consisting of the degenerate ultrarelativistic electrons, positrons, and the non-relativistic classical ions. It is seen that only compressive solitary waves can propagate through such plasmas. The numerical calculations show that the region of existence of the ion-acoustic solitary waves depends upon the positron (ion) number density and the plasma thermal temperature. This study is appropriate for applications in inertial confinement fusion laboratory research as well as the study of astrophysical dense objects such as white dwarf and dense neutron stars.


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