Development of a compact permanent magnet helicon plasma source for ion beam bioengineering

Kerdtongmee, P.; Srinoum, D.; Nisoa, M.
October 2011
Review of Scientific Instruments;Oct2011, Vol. 82 Issue 10, p103503
Academic Journal
A compact helicon plasma source was developed as a millimeter-sized ion source for ion beam bioengineering. By employing a stacked arrangement of annular-shaped permanent magnets, a uniform axial magnetic flux density up to 2.8 kG was obtained. A cost effective 118 MHz RF generator was built for adjusting forward output power from 0 to 40 W. The load impedance and matching network were then analyzed. A single loop antenna and circuit matching elements were placed on a compact printed circuit board for 50 Ω impedance matching. A plasma density up to 1.1 × 1012 cm-3 in the 10 mm diameter tube under the magnetic flux density was achieved with 35 W applied RF power.


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