Gastrin activates nuclear factor κB (NFκB) through a protein kinase C dependent pathway involving NFκ B inducing kinase, inhibitor κB(κB) kinase, and tumour necrosis factor receptor associated factor 6 (TRAF6) in MKN-28 cells transfected with gastrin receptor

Ogasa, M.; Miyazaki, Y.; Hiraoka, S.; Kitamura, S.; Nagasawa, Y.; Kishida, O.; Miyazaki, T.; Kiyohara, T.; Shinomura, Y.; Matsuzawa, Y.
June 2003
Gut;Jun2003, Vol. 52 Issue 6, p813
Academic Journal
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    Mycoepoxydiene (MED) is a polyketide isolated from a marine fungus associated with mangrove forests. MED has been shown to be able to induce cell cycle arrest and cancer cell apoptosis. However, its effects on inflammatory response are unclear. Herein we showed that MED exhibited inhibitory...


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