Anomalous Hall effect in La[sub 1-x]Ca[sub x]CoO[sub 3]

Baily, S. A.; Salamon, M. B.; Kobayashi, Y.; Asai, K.
April 2002
Applied Physics Letters;4/29/2002, Vol. 80 Issue 17, p3138
Academic Journal
La[sub 1-x]Ca[sub x]CoO[sub 3] films show the largest anomalous Hall effect of any ferromagnetic metal. The anomalous Hall coefficient increases as x decreases. At doping below 0.2 La[sub 1-x]Ca[sub x]CoO[sub 3] is insulating and shows spin-glass behavior at low temperature. We have measured the Hall effect and magnetic behavior of an x=0.15 crystal. It shows cluster-glass or correlated-spin-glass behavior at intermediate temperatures. The anomalous Hall effect does not depend on the total magnetization, M, but on the ferromagnetic correlations of the glass. © 2002 American Institute of Physics.


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