A combined small- and wide-angle x-ray scattering detector for measurements on reactive systems

Vallenhag, Linda; Canton, Sophie E.; Sondhauss, Peter; Haase, Dörthe; Ossler, Frederik
August 2011
Review of Scientific Instruments;Aug2011, Vol. 82 Issue 8, p083104
Academic Journal
A detector with high dynamic range designed for combined small- and wide-angle x-ray scattering experiments has been developed. It allows measurements on single events and reactive systems, such as particle formation in flames and evaporation of levitating drops. The detector consists of 26 channels covering a region from 0.5° to 60° and it provides continuous monitoring of the sampled signal without readout dead time. The time resolution for fast single events is about 40 μs and for substances undergoing slower dynamics, the time resolution is set to 0.1 or 1 s with hours of continuous sampling. The detector has been used to measure soot particle formation in a flame, burning magnesium and evaporation of a toluene drop in a levitator. The results show that the detector can be used for many different applications with good outcomes and large potential.


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