Over-reflection of slow magnetosonic waves by homogeneous shear flow: Analytical solution

Dimitrov, Z. D.; Maneva, Y. G.; Hristov, T. S.; Mishonov, T. M.
August 2011
Physics of Plasmas;Aug2011, Vol. 18 Issue 8, p082110
Academic Journal
We have analyzed the amplification of slow magnetosonic (or pseudo-Alfvénic) waves (SMW) in incompressible shear flow. As found here, the amplification depends on the component of the wave-vector perpendicular to the direction of the shear flow. Earlier numerical results are consistent with the general analytic solution for the linearized magnetohydrodynamic equations, derived here for the model case of pure homogeneous shear (without Coriolis force). An asymptotically exact analytical formula for the amplification coefficient is derived for the case when the amplification is sufficiently large.


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