Generation of Solitons in a Ferromagnetic Domain Structure

Batalov, S. V.; Kiselev, V. V.; Raskovalov, A. A.
August 2019
Computational Mathematics & Mathematical Physics;Aug2019, Vol. 59 Issue 8, p1324
Academic Journal
Generation of solitons in a stripe domain structure of a ferromagnet with an easy-axis anisotropy from an initial localized magnetization pulse is studied. The results of the numerical experiment are supported by an analytical calculation. The conditions are found and scenarios of soliton generation are analyzed both in the domain structure and on the background of a homogeneous ground state of the ferromagnet. Based on the inverse scattering formalism, a relationship is established between the physical characteristics of solitons and the parameters of the initial perturbation, which makes it possible to generate immobile solitons with required properties.


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