Remarkable paramagnetic features of Fermi-Dirac-Pauli plasmas

Akbari-Moghanjoughi, M.
July 2011
Physics of Plasmas;Jul2011, Vol. 18 Issue 7, p072702
Academic Journal
In this paper by using the relativistic magnetic susceptibility of a Fermi-Dirac (relativistically degenerate) plasma, quantum magnetohydrodynamics model is used to investigate the propagation of spin-induced (SI) magnetosonic nonlinear excitations in a normally and relativistically degenerate dense electron-ion plasma in the presence of the spin magnetization effect. Based on the conventional pseudopotential method the matching criterion for the evolution of SI solitary structures is evaluated. It is found that, the plasma mass density and strength of the magnetic field have significant effects on excitation and evolution of magnetosonic nonlinear structures in Fermi-Dirac plasmas. Only rarefactive SI magnetosonic solitary structures are found to excite in such plasmas. Furthermore, fundamental differences are shown to exist in magnetosonic soliton dynamics in the two distinct plasma degeneracy regimes, which are due to interplay between the negative pressure-like paramagnetism and positive relativistic degeneracy pressure of electrons. Current investigation can help better understand the electron spin effects on nonlinear wave propagations in strongly magnetized dense astrophysical objects such as white dwarfs and pulsar magnetospheres.


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