Photosynthetic parameters and chlorophyll fluorescence characteristics of Pleioblastus kongosanensis f. aureostriaus under drought stress

LI Juan; PENG Zhen-hua; GAO Jian; CHEN Yuan-wen
June 2011
Yingyong Shengtai Xuebao;Jun2011, Vol. 22 Issue 6, p1395
Academic Journal
A pot experiment was conducted to study the variations of Pleioblastus kongosanensis f. aureostriaus plant morphology, leaf water content (LWC), leaf water potential (LWP), photosyn- thetic parameters, chlorophyll fluorescence parameters, and soil water content (SWC) under natu- ral drought stress, as well as the relationships between these variations and environmental factors. On the 17th day under the stress, the P. kongosanensis presented damaged symptom. Its leaves de- hydrated, drooped, and wrap-formed. On the 43rd day, the aboveground part of the plant died from dehydration. When the plant was re-watered for 10 days, the chlorophyll fluorescence parameters had no significant differences with those on the 43rd day under the stress. The SWC decreased sig- nificantly in 0-21 d of the stress, and the LWP and LWC dropped rapidly and significantly after 17 d and 29 d, respectively. With the increase of drought stress, the leaf transpiration rate (Tr ) and stomatal conductance (gs ) had a persistent decline, photosynthetic rate (Pn ) had a greater fluctuation, and instantaneous water use efficiency (PWUE) decreased after an initial increase. Af- ter 17 d drought stress, the limiting factor of Pn was from stomatal to non-stomatal, and the actual photosynthetic efficiency (ΦPS∥) declined significantly; after 25 d, the photosynthetic organ was damaged, and the maximum photochemical efficiency of PS∥(Fv / Fm ) and non-photochemical quenching (qN) changed significantly from 0.64 to -0.11 and from 0.79 to 0.33, respectively. The Tr, gs, and PWUE had close correlations with LWP; the Pn, Tr, and gs were sensitive to air relative humidity (RH); and the gs was the main factor causing the diurnal variations of photosynthetic parameters. It was suggested that P. kongosanensis could grow well on the soil with relative moisture content ⩾12% and drought duration less than 25 d.


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