Thermal annealing effect on spin coherence in ZnO single crystals

Yang, Z.; Li, Y.; Look, D. C.; Zhou, H. M.; Chen, W. V.; Kawakami, R. K.; Yu, P. K. L.; Liu, J. L.
July 2011
Journal of Applied Physics;Jul2011, Vol. 110 Issue 1, p016101
Academic Journal
The spin coherence time (T2*) in ZnO single crystals at 8.5 K decreases significantly from ∼11.2 ns to ∼2.3 ns after annealing at 500 °C, as indicated by time-resolved Kerr-rotation pump-probe magneto-optical spectroscopy. The annealing-induced spin coherence degradation in ZnO arises neither from crystallinity degradation during the annealing process, as confirmed by x-ray rocking curves; nor from reflection variations of the probe laser beam induced by surface roughness changes during the annealing process, as confirmed by atomic force microscopy. Temperature-dependent Hall-effect studies indicate that decreased mobility and increased shallow-donor concentration in the annealing-induced surface conducting layer on top of the bulk ZnO are most likely to be the reasons for the spin coherence degradation in ZnO during the annealing process.


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