Hydrothermal synthesis of La[sub 0.5]Ba[sub 0.5]MnO[sub 3] nanowires

Zhu, Deliang; Zhu, Hong; Zhang, Yuheng
March 2002
Applied Physics Letters;3/4/2002, Vol. 80 Issue 9, p1634
Academic Journal
La[sub 0.5]Ba[sub 0.5]MnO[sub 3] nanowires were synthesized by a hydrothermal method at low reaction temperature (270 °C). The synthesized nanowires are of pure, cubic perovskite structure and single crystalline. They grow along [110]; their surfaces are clean, very regular, and without any sheathed amorphous phase. Typical lengths of the nanowires are in the range of several to several tens of micrometers, and typical widths are in the range of 30-150 nm. Nanowires may be an ideal system for studying dimensionally confined transport phenomena in perovskite manganites and for fabricating field sensors and other devices.


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