Facile Condensation of Aromatic Aldehydes with Chroman-4-ones and 1-Thiochroman-4-ones Catalysed by Amberlyst-15 under Microwave Irradiation Condition

Mandal, Tapas K.; Pal, Rammohan; Mondal, Rina; Mallik, Asok K.
April 2011
E-Journal of Chemistry;2011, Vol. 8 Issue 2, p863
Academic Journal
Different aromatic aldehydes and cinnamaldehyde undergo crossaldol condensation with chroman-4-ones and 1-thiochroman-4-ones in the presence of amberlyst-15 under microwave irradiation in solvent free condition to afford rapidly the corresponding E-3-arylidene and E-3-cinnamylidene derivatives, respectively, in high yield. This process is simple, efficient and environmentally benign.


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