Particle-vibration coupling and octupole collectivity in odd-a spherical nuclei

Yates, S. W.; Kadi, M.; Garrett, P. E.; Yeh, M.; Belgya, T.
July 2000
AIP Conference Proceedings;2000, Vol. 529 Issue 1, p90
Academic Journal
The (n,n[sup ′]γ) reaction has been used to study the properties of low-lying excited states of [sup 207]Pb. Gamma-ray excitation functions, angular distributions, and coincidences have been measured, and the lifetimes of many excited levels were determined with the Doppler-shift attenuation method (DSAM). A sextuplet of states near 3.2 MeV is interpreted as resulting from particle-vibration coupling of the f[sub 5/2] neutron hole, the first excited state of [sup 207]Pb, with the octupole phonon of the [sup 208]Pb core. © 2000 American Institute of Physics.


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