Experimental and theoretical analyses on laser-generated transient Lamb waves in an orthotropic plate

Cheng, J. C.; Zhang, S. Y.; Berthelot, Y.
May 2000
AIP Conference Proceedings;2000, Vol. 509 Issue 1, p1151
Academic Journal
The technique of laser-generated and laser-detected Lamb waves is a powerful tool for characterizing elastic property of plates. However, the transient waveforms depend strongly on the longitudinal acoustic wavelength L and the plate thickness H. For a thick plate (bulk material), L/H<1, a typical waveform consists of arrivals of longitudinal, shear, and surface wave pulses, if a detecting position is localized at the same side as the exciting laser beam. For a very thin plate L/H>1, the transient waveform is characterized by the lowest Lamb wave modes, i.e., the first arrival of the spike signal from the lowest symmetric mode, and higher frequencies and the later lower frequency signal of the lowest antisymmetric mode. However, for thicker plates (H∼2.0 mm), the transient waveforms excited by a laser pulse are much more complicated, because of contributions of the higher-order Lamb wave modes, due to lower cut-off frequency. Thus, it is necessary to clarify theoretically dynamic response of the thicker composite plates for analyzing anisotropic behavior and extracting elastic constants of composite plates by fitting comparison of theory with experimental waveforms. In this paper, the theoretical and experimental studies are presented for a titanium graphite composite plate with thickness 1.44 mm, which can be modeled as transversely isotropic. The ultrasonic Lamb waves are excited by a laser pulse with an approximate duration of 10 nsec and energy of 5.7 mJ. The normal surface velocity of the ultrasonic Lamb waves are detected by a Michelson interferometer in fiber and cross fiber propagating directions for different propagating distances away from the excited laser to investigate the anisotropic property of the composite material and propagation characteristics of the ultrasonic Lamb waves. The results show that the detected waveforms consist of several Lamb wave modes and the theoretical calculations are in agreement with experiments. © 2000...


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