Flux limits for TeV emission from AGNs

Chadwick, P. M.; Lyons, K.; McComb, T. J. L.; Orford, K. J.; Osborne, J. L.; Rayner, S. M.; Shaw, S. E.; Turver, K. E.
June 2000
AIP Conference Proceedings;2000, Vol. 515 Issue 1, p91
Academic Journal
The University of Durham Mark 6 telescope has been used to make observations of a number of AGNs visible from the Southern Hemisphere. Limits to VHE gamma ray emission from IES 0323+022, PKS 0829+046, IES 1101-232, Cen A, PKS 1514-24, RXJ 10578-275 and IES 2316-423 are presented, both for steady emission and for outbursts on timescales of ∼1 day. © 2000 American Institute of Physics.


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