Calorimetric low temperature detectors for high resolution x-ray spectroscopy on stored highly stripped heavy ions

Bleile, A.; Egelhof, P.; Kluge, H.-J.; Liebisch, U.; Mc Cammon, D.; Meier, H. J.; Sebastia´n, O.; Stahle, C. K.; Sto¨hlker, T.; Weber, M.
June 2000
AIP Conference Proceedings;2000, Vol. 512 Issue 1, p259
Academic Journal
The precise determination of the Lamb shift in heavy hydrogen-like ions provides a sensitive test of QED in very strong Coulomb fields, not accessible otherwise, and has also the potential to deduce nuclear charge radii. A brief overview on the present status of such experiments, performed at the storage ring ESR at GSI Darmstadt, is given. For the investigation of the Lyman-α transitions in Au[sup 78+]- or U[sup 91+]- ions with improved accuracy a high resolving calorimetric low temperature detector for hard x-rays (E≤100 keV) is presently developed. The detector modules consist of arrays of silicon thermistors and of x-ray absorbers made of high Z material to optimize the absorption efficiency. The detectors are housed in a specially designed [sup 3]He/[sup 4]He dilution refrigerator which fits to the geometry of the ESR target. The detector performance presently achieved is already close to fulfill the demands of the Lamb shift experiment. For a prototype detector an energy resolution of ΔE[sub FWHM]=75 eV is obtained for 60 keV x-rays. © 2000 American Institute of Physics.


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