Angular Dependence of Magnetic Quantum Oscillations and of Magnetoresistance in Quasi-2D Metals

Grigoriev, P. D.; Gusihin, P. A.; Rogova, O. S.
February 2011
Journal of Superconductivity & Novel Magnetism;Feb2011, Vol. 24 Issue 1/2, p407
Academic Journal
We study analytically the angular dependence of magnetoresistance and of magnetic quantum oscillation frequencies in layered quasi-two-dimensional (Q2D) metals. The angular dependences of magnetoresistance and of Fermi-surface cross-sectional area are closely related. The harmonic expansion analytical formulas for the angular dependence of Fermi-surface cross-sectional area in an external magnetic field are obtained for various typical crystal symmetries. The simple azimuth-angle dependence of the Yamaji angles is derived for the elliptical in-plane Fermi surface. These formulas correct some previous results and allow the simple and effective interpretation of the magnetic quantum oscillations and magnetoresistance data in cuprate high-temperature superconducting materials, in organic metals and in other Q2D metals. The applicability region of some previous widely used analytical results and of the results obtained is investigated.


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