Dielectric and ferroelectric properties of tetragonal tungsten bronze Sr[sub 2-x]Ca[sub x]NaNb[sub 5]O[sub 15] (x=0.05–0.35) ceramics

Xie, Rong-Jun; Akimune, Yoshio; Matsuo, Kazuo; Sugiyama, Tatsuo; Hirosaki, Naoto; Sekiya, Tadshi
February 2002
Applied Physics Letters;2/4/2002, Vol. 80 Issue 5, p835
Academic Journal
This letter reports the dielectric and ferroelectric properties of tungsten bronze Sr[sub 2-x]Ca[sub x]NaNb[sub 5]O[sub 15] (SCNN, x=0.05–0.35) ceramics. Two dielectric anomalies and a diffuse ferroelectric transition behavior were appreciably observed in the compositions of x=0.05–0.25. The incorporation of smaller calcium cations into the crystal structure resulted in an increase in the Curie temperature, from 279 (x=0.05) to 297 (x=0.35), and a decrease in the permittivity, from 1353 to 543, at their respective Curie temperatures. Ferroelectricity was observed in the compositions with x=0.05–0.25, but absent in the compositions with x=0.30 and 0.35 at room temperature. The maximum spontaneous polarization P[sub s] of 9.1 μC/cm2 and remanent polarization P[sub r] of 3.0 μC/cm2 were achieved in the composition of x=0.15. © 2002 American Institute of Physics.


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