Double slapper initiation of the PBX

Mendes, R.; Plaksin, I.; Campos, J.; Ribeiro, J.
April 2000
AIP Conference Proceedings;2000, Vol. 505 Issue 1, p915
Academic Journal
The interaction of two divergent detonation waves (DW), initiated simultaneously by two flyer plates in a PBX based on a bimodal particle distribution of RDX was studied. The slappers are generated by the interaction, of a single (25 mm in diameter) flyer plate against a twin pierced barrel. These two flyer plates have the diameter, corresponding to 1.4 the critical diameter of PBX. The used electric gun has 24.4 µF of capacitance and 40 kV of maximum working voltage. It is able to accelerate polyester flyers with 350µm thickness from 2.4 to 4 km/s and polyimide flyers with 125 pm thickness from 3 to 5 km/s. The optical probes based on multifiber strip connected to an electronic streak camera, allowed in real time, direct and side registration of 3D formation through each 3mm of DW run. The results show clearly the initial regular reflection, followed by the transition to an irregular reflection. The Mach stem formation is discussed as a function of inter initiation points distance and of the flyer plates velocity. The results with the PBX sample, initiated simultaneously by two explosives channels are compared to slapper initiation results. New interesting phenomena related to pulsing and re-formation of intense shock interaction are presented.


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