Ruthenium-induced enhanced magnetization and metal–insulator transition in two-dimensional layered manganites

Sahu, Ranjan K.; Mohammad, Qureshi; Rao, Manju L.; Sundar Manoharan, S.; Nigam, A. K.
January 2002
Applied Physics Letters;1/7/2002, Vol. 80 Issue 1, p88
Academic Journal
A strong correlation between magnetism and transport behavior is observed in ruthenium (Ru) substituted two-dimensional layered manganites, La[sub 1.2]Ca[sub 1.8]Mn[sub 2]O[sub 7], which show an increase in the Curie temperature and the metal-insulator transition (MIT) by 15-20 K up to x = 0.2, due to a dominant double-exchange mediated transport, aided by the presence of a Ru (V) ion, which is metrically and chemically similar to the Mn (IV) ion. Beyond x = 0.225, T[sub c] and the metal-insulator transition decrease marginally, predominantly controlled by (i) hole carrier concentration and (ii) spin-wave excitation with a T² dependence. The magnetoresistance ratio is not affected significantly by Ru doping in the vicinity of the MIT, indicating the double-exchange interaction between Ru and Mn.


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