Λ[sup 0] Polarization in pp→p{Λ[sup 0]K[sup +]} at 800 GeV/c

Fe´lix, J.; Berisso, M. C.; Christian, D. C.; Gara, A.; Gottschalk, E. E.; Gutierrez, G.; Hartouni, E. P.; Knapp, B. C.; Kreisler, M. N.; Lee, S.; Markianos, K.; Moreno, G.; Reyes, M. A.; Sosa, M.; Wang, M. H. L. S.; Wehmann, A.; Wesson, D.
August 2000
AIP Conference Proceedings;2000, Vol. 531 Issue 1, p381
Academic Journal
We present some preliminary measurements of Λ[sup 0] polarization, in the final state pp → p{Λ[sup 0]K[sup +]) created at 800 GeV/c, as a function of P[sub T], x[sub F], and the diffractive mass of the object {Λ[sup 0]K[sup +]}.


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