Precision micro-Xanes of Mn in corroded roman glasses

Simionovici, A.; Janssens, K.; Rindby, A.; Snigireva, I.; Snigirev, A.
May 2000
AIP Conference Proceedings;2000, Vol. 507 Issue 1, p279
Academic Journal
The highest spatial resolution μ-Xanes experimental results to date were obtained on an archeological glass sample containing Mn, Both the fluorescence (SIXES) and absorption collection modes were used to record maps of the elemental distribution throughout the surface corrosion layer. By using two excitation energies near the Mn threshold at 6.5 keV, direct speciation maps were obtained. The analysis was carried out using the ESRF, ID 22 microbeam, with a 3 × 5 μm² beamspot.


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