Nebulized Isotonic Saline Versus Water Following a Laryngeal Desiccation Challenge in Classically Trained Sopranos

Tanner, Kristine; Roy, Nelson; Merrill, Ray M.; Muntz, Faye; Houtz, Daniel R.; Sauder, Cara; Elstad, Mark; Wright-Costa, Julie
December 2010
Journal of Speech, Language & Hearing Research;Dec2010, Vol. 53 Issue 6, p155
Academic Journal
Purpose: To examine the effects of nebulized isotonic saline (IS) versus sterile water (SW) on self-perceived phonatory effort (PPE) and phonation threshold pressure (PTP) following a surface laryngeal dehydration challenge in classically trained sopranos. Method: In a double-blind, within-subject crossover design, 34 sopranos breathed dry air (relative humidity < 1%) transorally for 15 min and then nebulized 3 mL of IS or SW, or experienced a no-treatment control condition over 3 consecutive weeks. PPE and PTP were measured every 15 min from baseline through 2 hr postdesiccation. Results: PPE increased significantly following the laryngeal desiccation challenge in all 3 treatment conditions (p < .01). After nebulization, PPE returned to baseline for the IS condition only. For the SW and control conditions, PPE remained above baseline during the 2 hr after desiccation. No statistically significant changes in PTP following laryngeal desiccation were observed, although values for the IS condition remained below baseline for nearly 2 hr after nebulization. PPE and PTP were not significantly correlated. Conclusions: Following a laryngeal surface dehydration challenge, classically trained sopranos reported increased vocal effort that persisted for at least 2 hr. Compared with SW, nebulized IS showed promise as an effective way to remediate the adverse, self-perceived effects of laryngeal desiccation.


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