Analytical and semianalytical solutions to the kinetic equation with Coulomb collision term and a monoenergetic source function

Goncharov, P. R.; Kuteev, B. V.; Ozaki, T.; Sudo, S.
November 2010
Physics of Plasmas;Nov2010, Vol. 17 Issue 11, p112313
Academic Journal
Analytical and semianalytical solutions have been obtained using a practical dimensionless form of Boltzmann kinetic equation assuming spatial homogeneity, azimuthal symmetry, and Maxwellian distributions of target plasma species. In contrast with formerly considered simplified equations with truncated collision terms, the exact Landau-Boltzmann collision operator is used, which conserves the number of particles, nullifies the collision term at statistical equilibrium, and describes the Maxwellization process naturally observed in correct solutions. A comparison with previous stationary and time-dependent analytical solutions is given. The new semianalytical results can be used in numerical modeling, for verification of solutions in more complex models, and in experimental data analysis, especially concerning nuclear processes and advanced localized, angle-resolved suprathermal particle diagnostics.


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