Single quantum dot nanowire photodetectors

van Kouwen, M. P.; van Weert, M. H. M.; Reimer, M. E.; Akopian, N.; Perinetti, U.; Algra, R. E.; Bakkers, E. P. A. M.; Kouwenhoven, L. P.; Zwiller, V.
September 2010
Applied Physics Letters;9/13/2010, Vol. 97 Issue 11, p113108
Academic Journal
We report InP nanowire photodetectors with a single InAsP quantum dot as light absorbing element. With excitation above the InP band gap, the nanowire photodetectors are efficient (quantum efficiency of 4%). Under resonant excitation of the quantum dot, the photocurrent amplitude depends on the linear polarization direction of the incident light. The photocurrent is enhanced (suppressed) for a polarization parallel (perpendicular) to the axis of the nanowire (contrast 0.83). The active detection volume under resonant excitation is 7×103 nm3. These results show the promising features of quantum dots embedded in nanowire devices for electrical light detection at high spatial resolution.


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