Bi1-xSrxCuSeO oxyselenides as promising thermoelectric materials

Zhao, L. D.; Berardan, D.; Pei, Y. L.; Byl, C.; Pinsard-Gaudart, L.; Dragoe, N.
August 2010
Applied Physics Letters;8/30/2010, Vol. 97 Issue 9, p092118
Academic Journal
p-type BiCuSeO, a layered oxyselenide composed of conductive (Cu2Se2)2- layers alternately stacked with insulating (Bi2O2)2+ layers, shows an enhancement of the electrical conductivity after substituting Bi3+ by Sr2+, from 470 S m-1 (BiCuSeO) to 4.8×104 S m-1 (Bi0.85Sr0.15CuSeO) at 293 K. Coupled to high Seebeck coefficients, this leads to promising values of the thermoelectric power factor that exceeds 500 μW m-1 K-2 at 873 K. Moreover, the thermal conductivity of these layered compounds is lower than 1 W m-1 K-1 at 873 K. Maximum ZT values reach 0.76 at 873 K, making this family promising for thermoelectric applications in the medium temperature range.


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