Benefits of homoepitaxy on the properties of nonpolar (Zn,Mg)O/ZnO quantum wells on a-plane ZnO substrates

Chauveau, J.-M.; Teisseire, M.; Kim-Chauveau, H.; Deparis, C.; Morhain, C.; Vinter, B.
August 2010
Applied Physics Letters;8/23/2010, Vol. 97 Issue 8, p081903
Academic Journal
We report on the properties of nonpolar (Zn,Mg)O/ZnO quantum wells (QW) homoepitaxially grown by molecular beam epitaxy on a-plane ZnO substrates. We demonstrate a drastic improvement of the structural properties. We compare the photoluminescence properties of nonpolar homoepitaxial QWs and nonpolar heteroepitaxial QWs grown on sapphire and show that the reduction in structural defects and the improvement of surface morphology are correlated with a strong enhancement of the photoluminescence properties: reduction in full width at half maximum, strong increase in the luminescence intensities and their thermal stability. The comparison convincingly demonstrates the interest of homoepitaxial nonpolar QWs for bright UV emission applications.


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