Oxygen migration at Pt/HfO2/Pt interface under bias operation

Nagata, T.; Haemori, M.; Yamashita, Y.; Yoshikawa, H.; Iwashita, Y.; Kobayashi, K.; Chikyow, T.
August 2010
Applied Physics Letters;8/23/2010, Vol. 97 Issue 8, p082902
Academic Journal
The interfacial electronic states of a Pt/HfO2/Pt diode were investigated by using hard x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy under bias operation. The application of a forward bias to the Pt/HfO2/Pt diode increased the Pt–O bonding peak, providing evidence of Pt electrode oxidization and oxygen vacancy formation around the Pt/HfO2 interface. Under a reverse bias, hafnium was drawn to the Pt electrode, where it took part in Hf–Pt bonding. We achieved the direct observation of oxygen migration at a Pt/HfO2 interface under device operation, which is the key to controlling the electrical properties of metals on oxides.


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