Spectroscopic analysis and persistent photon-gated spectral hole burning in LiF:F[sub 2][sup -] color center crystal

Fedorov, V. V.; Mirov, S. B.; Ashenafi, M.; Xie, L.
October 2001
Applied Physics Letters;10/8/2001, Vol. 79 Issue 15, p2318
Academic Journal
Luminescence and absorption spectra of LiF crystals with F[sub 2][sup -] color centers (CCs) were studied in the 14–300 K temperature range. The Huang–Rhys factors measured from absorption and emission spectra were equal in magnitude and calculated to be 3.2 and 2.72 at 77 and 300 K, respectively. It was shown that below 40 K inhomogeneous broadening of the zero phonon line of the F[sub 2][sup -] CC prevails over homogeneous broadening. Inhomogeneous broadening of the zero phonon line was observed to vary from 5 to 15 cm-1 for different crystal preparations. Persistent spectral hole burning stable at room temperature was realized in LiF:F[sub 2][sup -] crystals. © 2001 American Institute of Physics.


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