Enhanced ferroelectric properties in Mn-doped K0.5Na0.5NbO3 thin films derived from chemical solution deposition

Lingyan Wang; Wei Ren; Peng Shi; Xiaofeng Chen; Xiaoqing Wu; Xi Yao
August 2010
Applied Physics Letters;8/16/2010, Vol. 97 Issue 7, p072902
Academic Journal
Mn-doped K0.5Na0.5NbO3 (KNN) thin films derived from chemical solution deposition have been investigated. 2 mol % manganese acetate was introduced into the polyvinylpyrrolidone-modified KNN precursor solution to prepare the KNN thin films. It was found that Mn doping can increase the dielectric constant and decrease the dielectric loss, as well as significantly decrease the leakage current. The leakage current density of Mn-doped KNN film is about 3×10-6 A/cm2 at an electric field of 50 kV/cm, which is 104 times lower than that of the undoped film (about 3×10-2 A/cm2). These are attributed to the decrease in the concentration in oxygen vacancies and free carrier-holes by increasing the valence of Mn during thermal treatment. As a result, well saturated polarization-electric field hysteresis loops were obtained in the Mn-doped KNN thin films.


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