Exchange bias in GeMn nanocolumns: The role of surface oxidation

Tardif, S.; Cherifi, S.; Jamet, M.; Devillers, T.; Barski, A.; Schmitz, D.; Darowski, N.; Thakur, P.; Cezar, J. C.; Brookes, N. B.; Mattana, R.; Cibert, J.
August 2010
Applied Physics Letters;8/9/2010, Vol. 97 Issue 6, p062501
Academic Journal
We report on the exchange biasing of self-assembled ferromagnetic GeMn nanocolumns by GeMn-oxide caps. The x-ray absorption spectroscopy analysis of this surface oxide shows a multiplet fine structure that is typical of the Mn2+ valence state in MnO. A magnetization hysteresis shift |HE|∼100 Oe and a coercivity enhancement ΔHc∼70 Oe have been obtained upon cooling (300–5 K) in a magnetic field as low as 0.25 T. This exchange bias is attributed to the interface coupling between the ferromagnetic nanocolumns and the antiferromagnetic MnO-like caps. The effect enhancement is achieved by depositing a MnO layer on the GeMn nanocolumns.


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