Effect of noncollinear spin structure on magnetic entropy change and its field dependence in Fe90Sc10 amorphous alloy

Yanyan Wang; Xiaofang Bi
July 2010
Applied Physics Letters;7/12/2010, Vol. 97 Issue 2, p022503
Academic Journal
Temperature-dependent magnetic entropy change (ΔSm) in Fe90Sc10 shows a sign conversion due to field-driven metamagnetic transition from spin-glass-like to ferromagnetic state. It further reveals a clear correlation between spin-glass structure and field-dependent -ΔSm. The exponent n as in |-ΔSm|=αHn reaches a minimum value of 1.01 at spin-glass freezing onset temperature, followed by an increase with further decreasing temperature. The coefficient α shows an opposite temperature dependence with respect to the n. Variations of high-field susceptibility with temperature evidence association of the n with existence of the noncollinear spin structure, which in turn affects the field-dependent behavior of -ΔSm.


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