Evidence of graphene-like electronic signature in silicene nanoribbons

de Padova, Paola; Quaresima, Claudio; Ottaviani, Carlo; Sheverdyaeva, Polina M.; Moras, Paolo; Carbone, Carlo; Topwal, Dinesh; Olivieri, Bruno; Kara, Abdelkader; Oughaddou, Hamid; Aufray, Bernard; Le Lay, Guy
June 2010
Applied Physics Letters;6/28/2010, Vol. 96 Issue 26, p261905
Academic Journal
We report on the electronic properties of straight, 1.6 nm wide, silicene nanoribbons on Ag(110), arranged in a one-dimensional grating with a pitch of 2 nm, whose high-resolution scanning tunneling microscopy images reveal a honeycomb geometry. Angle-resolved photoemission shows quantum confined electronic states of one-dimensional character. The silicon band dispersion along the direction of the nanoribbons suggests a behavior analogous to the Dirac cones of graphene on different substrates.


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