Different nonvolatile memory effects in epitaxial Pt/PbZr0.3Ti0.7O3/LSCO heterostructures

Jinsik Choi; Jin-Soo Kim; Inrok Hwang; Sahwan Hong; Ik-Su Byun; Seung-Woong Lee; Sung-Oong Kang; Park, Bae Ho
June 2010
Applied Physics Letters;6/28/2010, Vol. 96 Issue 26, p262113
Academic Journal
We found different nonvolatile memory effects between ferroelectric and resistive switching in Pt/PbZr0.3Ti0.7O3(PZT)/La0.5Sr0.5CoO3 (LSCO) heterostructures, depending on thickness of epitaxial PZT films. As the film thickness decreased below 34 nm, leakage and/or tunneling currents increased and hindered ferroelectric switching of films; alternatively, bipolar resistive switching was observed. Analysis using fitting plot on resistive switching behaviors suggested that variable Schottky barrier at the interface between Pt electrode and the film may be responsible for the different nonvolatile memory switching.


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