Microwave Assisted Synthesis of 3-(2-chloroquiolin-3-yl)-1-substituted phenyl prop-2- en-1-ones Using K2CO3 as a Mild, Cheap and Inexpensive Catalyst

Tiwari, Vandana; Ali, Parvez; Meshram, Jyotsna
April 2010
International Journal of ChemTech Research;Apr2010, Vol. 2 Issue 2, p1031
Academic Journal
In this communication, we have reported the synthesis of novel 3-(2-chloroquiolin-3-yl)-1-substituted phenyl prop-2-en-1-ones by Claisen-Schmidt condensation using microwave assisted solid phase, solvent free protocol Using K2CO3 as a mild, cheap and inexpensive catalyst instead of normal bases like NaOH, KOH which makes the process hazardous to health. All the synthesized compounds were well characterised by spectral analysis. Thus the process seems to be eco-friendly, economic, easy and thus constitute a part of e-chemistry.


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