Yingchun Gu; Xuening Fei; Yunquan Lan; Bin Shi; Baolian Zhang; Guozhi Jia
May 2010
Chalcogenide Letters;May2010, Vol. 7 Issue 5, p299
Academic Journal
This work aims to study the crystal structure and spectral properties of the fluorescent dye, thiazole orange (TO) derivative. The single crystals with a size of 0.20x0.16x0.12 cm3 have been obtained by the slow evaporation of a methanol solution at room temperature and characterized by NMR, TG⁄DTA thermograms, IR spectroscopy and single crystal X–ray diffraction. The compound crystallizes in the Triclinic system and belongs to P–1 space group. The fluorescence spectra of the crystal in solutions have been measured.


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