Investigation of short-range order in nanocrystal-forming Zr[sub 60]Cu[sub 20]Pd[sub 10]Al[sub 10] metallic glass and the mechanism of nanocrystal formation

Fan, Cang; Imafuku, Muneyuki; Kurokawa, Hiroshi; Inoue, Akihisa; Haas, Volker
September 2001
Applied Physics Letters;9/17/2001, Vol. 79 Issue 12, p1792
Academic Journal
Rapidly solidified ribbons from the nanocrystal-forming Zr[sub 60]Cu[sub 20]Pd[sub 10]Al[sub 10] alloy prepared at various melting liquid temperatures were used to study the influence of the liquid state upon quenched-in nuclei. With lowering quenching liquid temperatures, the small-angle x-ray scattering shows increased related periodic composition fluctuations and the radial distribution function analysis from x-ray diffraction method reveals that the coordination number of Pd around Zr increases. These results provide evidence for the stronger attractive interaction in Zr–Pd, which exhibits large negative mixing enthalpy, leads to the formation of (Zr, Pd)-rich domains of short-range order in the liquid. They remain in the amorphous phase as quenched-in nuclei and therefore contribute to nanocrystalline formation. © 2001 American Institute of Physics.


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