A study on mineralization behavior of amino-terminated hyperbranched polybenzimidazole membranes

Xiayun Huang; Hongcui Cao; Zixing Shi; Hongjie Xu; Jianhua Fang; Jie Yin; Qiaoling Pan
June 2010
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine;Jun2010, Vol. 21 Issue 6, p1829
Academic Journal
Amino-bearing polymers, coated with apatite or similar minerals, have attracted significant attention for their potential in medical applications. In this study, an amino-terminated hyperbranched polybenzimidazole (HBPBI) membrane was used as a substrate for apatite growth. The membrane was soaked in solutions of CaCl2, Na2HPO4 and SBF to yield an apatite coating. The structure and morphology of the layers were characterized by FTIR-ATR, XRD and FESEM. The results indicate that the high densities of amino, imide and imidazole groups on the amino-terminated HBPBI membrane provide active sites for the growth of apatite.


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