Demonstration of boron arsenide heterojunctions: A radiation hard wide band gap semiconductor device

Gong, Y.; Tapajna, M.; Bakalova, S.; Zhang, Y.; Edgar, J. H.; Dudley, M.; Hopkins, M.; Kuball, M.
May 2010
Applied Physics Letters;5/31/2010, Vol. 96 Issue 22, p223506
Academic Journal
B12As2/SiC pn heterojunction diodes based on the radiation-hard B12As2 deposited on (0001) n-type 4H–SiC via chemical vapor deposition were demonstrated. The diodes exhibit good rectifying behavior with an ideality factor of 1.8 and a leakage current as low as 9.4×10-6 A/cm2. Capacitance-voltage measurements using a two-frequency technique showed a hole concentration of ∼1.8–2.0×1017 cm-3 in B12As2 with a slight increase near the interface due to the presence of an interfacial layer to accommodate lattice mismatch. Band offsets between the B12As2 and SiC were estimated to be ∼1.06 eV and 1.12 eV for conduction band and valance band, respectively.


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