Automatic Analysis

Kram, Mark L; Beighley, R. Edward; Loaiciga, Hugo
June 2010
Pollution Engineering;Jun2010, Vol. 42 Issue 5, p18
Trade Publication
The article discusses the environmental monitoring approaches that are used for effective assessment and restorations of sites. It cites several field analytical methods that were previously developed to hasten the site remediation and characterization efforts including ion-trap mass spectrometry, field-test kits, and soil-gas analyses. Several applications of field analysis approaches are discussed such as groundwater monitoring and geotechnical and agriculture optimization.


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    The precision of atomic mass measurements in a Penning trap is directly proportional to the charge state q of the ion and, hence, can be increased by using highly charged ions (HCI). For this reason, charge breeding with an electron beam ion trap (EBIT) is employed at TRIUMF�s Ion Trap for...

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    The MLLTRAP, presently under construction at the Maier--Leibnitz Laboratory (Garching), is a Penning trap system designed to decelerate, purify, charge-breed and cool the radioactive ions with the aim to perform the high-accuracy nuclear mass measurements. It involves novel techniques, like...

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    The TITAN (Triumf’s Ion Trap for Atomic and Nuclear science) Penning trap mass spectrometer will be located at ISAC/TRIUMF in Vancouver, Canada. It is designed for conducting high-precision mass measurements on radionuclides via the determination of the cyclotron frequency of the ions...

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    The Penning trap mass spectrometer ISOLTRAP has to date been used for the determination of close to 300 masses of radionuclides. A relative mass uncertainty of 10-8 can now be reached. Recent highlights were measurements of rp-process nuclides as for instance 72-74Kr or superallowed β...

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    A novel method to determine independent yields in particle-induced fission employing the ion guide technique and ion counting after a Penning trap has been developed. The method takes advantage of the fact that a Penning trap can be used as a precision mass filter, which allows an unambiguous...


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